Ten (10) Reasons Your Stress Management is Important.


Managing and reducing stress to the minimum is something that is very vital when it comes to maintaining the overall health of our body. The ever-accruing benefits of this range from helping to boost the functionalities of the immune system, greatly improve the mood, and immensely make you much more productive in your doings. Whenever you allow stress to get the best of you, you run the risk of plaguing yourself with a host of sicknesses. In fact, it is a generally known fact that stress can kill. The good news however is that no matter how serious the stress and anxiety or the disorders it bring is, the problem can be fixed.

Over the past couples of decades, many have been said about stress, it causes types and how to combat it. In this post, I will show you some of the physical and emotional symptoms of chronic stress, I have also outlined 10 reasons it is important to manage your stress. Why stress management is so important.

The question of why stress management is so important to you is as good as the question of how stress can kill you. In this post, I attempt to answer those questions by pointing out 10 risks of an unchecked stress, here are they.


Asthma is a life threatening disease that can be triggered by stress and anxiety. A good stress management approach which you see in meditation through the use of some natural sound which you can of course get from the sleeping mermaid sound application without a doubt will frequently reduce the frequency of your asthma symptoms and the severity of the condition.



Yes, cancer! The growth of prostrate cancerous cells in men have been proven to grow tremendously in the face of stress. Researches currently being conducted only goes to prove that it may slowly but certainly affect the growth of other types of cancers, and as a result of this, stress management is paramount and smoking should be avoided as much as possible. Managing your diet is key in reducing risk and meditation vital in flushing out the venoms of stress.


An unchecked stress poses a dangerous hazard on your life. If the body is stressed beyond the breaking point, the body assumes that there is a chronic treat on the life and the body understands that you need more energy to combat any danger you are faced with and as a result, the body system generates more energy and at the same time, you eat more the combination of this two causes you to become obese. Now, this is a very serious condition that can eventually directly or indirectly lead to death. The key is, while trying to manage stress, do not be blind enough not to monitor your eating habits or careless enough not to manage it.


Weakening of the immune system

Another very dangerous thing stress does is weakening of the immune system. It is a known fact that the immune system is charged with the responsibilities of protecting the body against all forms of diseases and allergies and generally anything that impairs the general wellbeing or the body and one’s state of health. It is a matter of great importance to have a good stress management system and practice to maintain a healthy immune system.


Depression is a very dangerous state which the mind goes into when it can no longer manage or cope with the stress at hand. It is easy to get depressed when overwhelmed by stress and pressure and as a result, stress management is required to ensure that you don’t get into this very deadly state.



Chronic stress have proven to be a dangerous agent for increasing the risk of stroke. It has a way of increasing the blood pressure and the risk of other heart diseases and to this effect, a proper stress management that can be gotten from meditation aided with the soothing sound of the sleeping mermaid should be ensured.

Lack of sleep

I don’t need to discuss in details the fact that stress prevents people from sleeping amidst other disorders it causes.

Heart diseases

When you are continually under stress, you run the risk of suffering from a serious health condition. Though, at the moment, researches are not sure whether stress directly causes some heart diseases or potentially aids what we know as heart diseases contributor, but either way, it exposes the heart to heart diseases.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is another sickness that can be caused by prolong stress. If you don’t have the diseases, stress can cause you to have it, and if you have it already, stress can make it even worse and as much as possible, you should find a way of dealing with stress.


Type 2 diabetics

Adult onset diabetics popularly known as type 2 diabetics is another disease that can be caused by stress. It further goes to prove how important it is to get the stress in check with the right stress management approach.

Meditation has always played a vital role in keeping stress at bay especially when it is accompanied by white noise, sounds or nature and sounds of the sea.


Here are some Physical symptoms of chronic stress

• Headache
• Trouble sleeping, or sleeping too much
• Muscle pain or tension
• Digestive issues
• High blood pressure

Here are some Emotional symptoms of chronic stress

• Feeling you can’t get things done
• Anxiety
• Lack of motivation
• Irritability
• Sadness or depression


Well, now you have seen some of symptoms of chronic stress and also about ten reasons you need to manage stress now rather than wait until when depression and other sicknesses sets in. I’d like to add that you recognize meditation as a very important stress management tool and then use it to your advantage. To aid your meditation or make it more effective, I recommend using the sleeping mermaid sound application.

The Sleeping Mermaid is a sound app that is specifically made for you. The collection of sounds put together will lead you to a meditation state. The operation of the Sleeping Mermaid is easy. When you are exposed to stress, please try using this simple and powerful application.