Why is relaxation so important to your mind and body?


Relaxation is a process of releasing tension built in body. Relaxation is important to your good health and calmly deal with life stresses. During relaxation your nervous system is given a chance to unwind from the stress of the day. Those things that stress and constrain ourselves during the day such as noise pollution by cars moving, machines at work places and other things that disturb us when we need our body to take a break from all our day disturbance. Relaxation is a process not a go thing. Watching movie in a couch, reading a book by pool side or lying in bed to catch some sleep will not help you relax at all.

There are so many advantages of relaxing your body and mind. We get tired each day by working for long hour and even thinking too much resulting to stress. We can't opt to say there is no need to take time and relax as relaxation will help our heath. Relaxation is a necessity to our today life. There are several benefits of relaxation that cannot be achievced in another way rather than taking a step on this.


What are benefits of relaxation?

Fatigue recovery

Don't wait until that moment when you are unable to wake up, make your self-breakfast feeling exhausted or burned out. Make your health the first priority. It's time you stop ignoring your body messages and create new a life style. Our body are not machines to work up to 24 hours in a day. Fatigue recovery will help renew your body energy. The renewed energy will help your body muscles and nervous system function properly. Having enough sleep everyday will help you recover from day fatigue.

Strengthen immunity

During relaxation you take part in exercising your muscles as they relax and this makes blood circulation easy and fast to all organs. Relaxation reduce chances of heart attack as your stress free and your blood is pumping well. It also keeps bones strong and heathy especially those involved in yoga relaxation. Relaxation reduce release of stress hormones in our body. Stress hormones cause various illness and Low release of stress hormone protect against illness. Relaxation will help your white blood cells detect illness before it attacks as they travel in our body easily. Relaxation helps regulate temperature such that when working to relax temperature rises and fight infections. Yoga relaxation is important to boast your immunity system.


Stress induces eating which leads to unhealthy consumption resulting to chronic diseases like obesity. Our minds regulate the amount we eat and responses when we are full but when stress or tired we seem to eat too much adding unnecessary weight to our bodies. To some, they lose appetite when stressed or they have mind disturbances and this result to malnutrition.
Turns what you eat into energy

The food we eat takes a very long and a complicated process to be turned into energy. The whole process is regulated in our minds because our minds triggers various enzymes and hormones that are required on the process. Without a clam mind and body this process will not be effective. Process of energy production is a flow of sequence of action and if one action is altered then the whole process is ruined. A relaxed body will offer a good environment for the process to take place. If your body is unable to turn the food digested into energy due to body disturbances, then you are likely to get into trouble with your body.


Good sleep

Relaxation reduces blood pressure, heart beats and brain wave frequency which attracts sleep. Calmness created in mind during relaxation process takes one to a deep sleep without struggle. The best method for relaxation is meditation which translate wakefulness to sleep without knowing. Relaxation can help deal with insomnia caused by over arousal that persist at night. Stress, muscle tension and worry are associated with sleep disorder.

Keep you young and beautiful

Relaxation leads to the growth of new cells in the brain and this reenergizes it. This keeps your brain younger. Involving in yoga relaxation will keep you skin youth full. As yoga exercising is a process so you are able to burn fats in skin and end wrinkle. Relaxation helps reduce stress which helps deal with hair loss. Flawless skin will boast your beauty. Treat yourself to a yoga relaxation and you will have no wrinkles or sagging skin but beautiful skin.


Strengthen your heart

Do relaxation to help your heart pump blood well. Meditation can help reduce heart attack risk by regulating blood pressure. Exercising yoga will strengthen your heart muscles and it will be able to pump blood fast. Being relaxed having laughter, reduces level of stress hormones in the body and reduces inflammation in the arteries.


When it comes to moment of insight, it is important we approach them in a relaxed mind to help us think creatively. You will never understand the sounds of your mind unless you listen to it in a relaxed mind. When solving problems in a confusion mood you fail to listen unconscious mind and make uninformed decisions. Creativity is work of mind and so require deep thinking while relaxed.

Judge accurately

Getting enough sleep is a mechanism of recharging our batteries and gives us a new energy to involve our minds in judgement. Relaxation will offer chance your mind to be fresh and be able make proper decisions. Our mind are not programmed like computer to work 24 hours, take a break relax and you will be able to view things correctly. When your mind is relaxed it will be sharp and able to understand and make judgments correctly.


This is a state of mind that is free from disturbances or agitations. This state is only achieved if your mind is relaxed. This state is cultivated and increase in practice. Negative emotions are a challenge to someone trying to cultivate calmness in his or herself. Being calm will enable our mind produce good emotions which give good health and mood.



This refer to mental or emotional state of satisfaction. You will worry less about things that don't matter to you but disturbs and focus on maintaining your health as first priority.

How to practice relaxation

Relaxation is about mental system and muscles to relax. Relaxation is not only for working people but also for mums who stay at home as everyone wants to be in good health. Relaxation will reduce tear and wear on the mind and the body. To achieve relaxation you should refocus yourselves with issues that worry you like home problems or issues at work place. Meditation is very important when you feel tired or stressed. It is specifically important to keep you out of harmful things such as smoking and drinking when you are stressed.

Take time and do meditation to what is important to you and take aside things that worry you. Meditation will give you mental clearance and calm your emotions. Sound healing is another way of relaxation as these crafted sounds will induce spiritual effects and be in a calm world. Sound healing is associated in expanding consciousness. When stressed, take that calm song and listen or take part in the song as this will divert your mind and by the end of it all your mind is relaxed. Sounds produced will induce positive brain waves and change your mood.

Playing sea sound via your speaker or ear phones will take your stress full mood and relax your mind. Contrary visiting nearby river sea or lake to listen to water flow while your eyes are closed will relax your body. Natural sounds produced by bird especially in the morning will help you to meditate into them as your eyes are closed and you will experience calmness in your mental thinking and body. Feeling wind blow trees and the way it gets to you is also a natural sound and will help you relax. Listening to constant sound produced by machines such as vacuum machines will attract your attention and take you away from disturbing issue. Like want babies hear when they're in their mother's womb when blood flow in veins and relax equal to when you listen to white noise sounds. When your mind is disturbed and unable to focus and relax your body with white noise sounds which attract your attention very first and your mind will calm easily. It is important to download white noise sound apps and be listening to these sounds and they will calm your body or take you to sleep easily without straining.

The bottom line

Relaxation should be every one's priority. Our bodies are required to relax and be able to function effectively. Avoid illnesses associated with sleep disorders as this is one major way of relaxation. Through all this you will be able to maintain a heathy and young body. As you are busy, you may forget about it, but your spiritual and physical relaxation is very important. Even a short time of the day is enough, so let's make time to shut down any noise and relax. Sound application "Sleeping Mermaid" has sound of the sea that makes your ears and brain relax, sounds of various comfortable nature and white noise.
Using "Sleeping Mermaid" you can easily get that time. The time of a relaxed mind and a comfortable state of mind.