What is Thalassotherapy?


Thalassotherapy, is derived from greek word “thalasso” meaning sea and therapia meaning treatment is the therapeutic use of the seawater, marine products like algae, seaweed, and marine mud, and even the marine climate to promote health, wellness and beauty. The first place for Thalassotherapy centers appeared in France as an alternative healing way and became popular in the last century.
Thalassotherapy has become the favorite treatment for cellulite reduction for both its effectiveness and its calming approach because of its strong ability to take full advantage of the benefits of the marine environment, as well as its typical therapeutic use of marine climate, seawater, marine mud, seaweed, sand and other essences extracted from the sea.


Recommended thalassotherapy
There are different types of thalassotherapy which can provide maximum “Well being” for you depending on your choice. But the most highly recommended one for you is spa centers also known as Blanco which have been fully restored, allowing you to benefit from individual treatments and daily massage wrap. There are other forms of thalasso treatment with different effects which can encompass hydrotherapy with varying options that can be used specifically by you as a busy house wife, tired woman or busy woman aside from this great classic thalassotherapy such as physiotherapy thalasso, weight-loss thalasso, essential thalasso, daily massage, feminine beauty thalassotherapy, traditional thalasso, anti-stress spa treatment e.t.c. The following are some of the basic information of few types of thalassotherapy and their categories

Hydrotherapy (Usually seawater is applied at 37° C)
• Spa bath: This is one of the most common thalasso and highly recommended soothing bath, which is rich in minerals.
• Seaweed bath: This can be achieved by using luminaria to refill trace elements of the body.
• Hydro massage: This requires you to use of water as a curative and preventive form of therapy for special bath which determinates the direction of the water flow to target problematic areas, eases muscles, joints and stimulates circulation.

• Seaweed wrap: This is also an excellent way of relieving you from daily stress, helping the body feel improved and new by using thin layers of algae placed on the skin.
• Algae bath: This have an exceptional capability of containing abundance minerals and trace element of the sea for relaxing, stress relieving, and mineralizing the body system.
• Mud/Peloid mask: Heated mud cures rheumatic ailments.

• This includes the use of water exercises and massages
Is thalassotherapy only effective for the elderly women?
Thalassotherapy is not only solely designed for elderly women but for all female who knows the benefits of cure that meet the desired need of the body care and beauty care. When you start seeing some symptoms of ageing, you can indulge yourself in restorative and optimize benefit of thalassotherapy with the use modernized facilities, new treatments and long weekends due to the reduction of working time to change your new look. When you are at age 65, your muscle start reducing by 2% per year apparently and this can be reduced by performing exercise in seawater of thalassotherapy literally, helping the fracture and the joint in the bone.

Even if you are too busy to go to the sea, you can thalassotherapy at home. Let's have a bath with sea salt in our bath tub. At that time, listening to the sound of the ocean with the sound application can produce a high effect. Please put the smartphone in a plastic bag for waterproofing.

We recommend you to please use the sound application (sleeping mermaid) and choose the desired sea sounds of your choice. This will make you to feel as if you are in a beach even if you are in a bathroom at home.