Mindfulness Meditation


Sometimes we find ourselves in moment where we do not know whether to shout, run or go to a place where we can get a break from the stress that comes with our work, family and life. The good news is that you don’t have to go on any journey in the quest of relieving yourself of this constant pressure that you are surrounded by, an alternative way of handling the stress can be found in mindful meditation. Mindful meditation provides an effective way of managing and controlling the mind into a calm and steady state.


Meaning of mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation refers to a meditation technique that primarily focuses on distractions such as thoughts and feelings and then channel these distractions to create an insightful awareness. In other words, mindfulness meditation is the meditation technique that provides and encourages a balance state of mind by focusing on breathing and a positive attitude. This reflective meditation with a Buddhist culture has been around and practiced for thousands of years and is well known to help improve leadership skills, improve health and decrease the cost for healthcare and is recently being adopted as a way of relieving business people. It focuses on the present rather than focusing on the future to create a long lasting relieve.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

Many people underestimate the power of mindfulness meditation. They fail to understand that it has been proven scientifically to regulate emotion and improve focus. The benefits associated to it cannot be over emphasised. Here are some of them

It decreases stress and anxiety

Research have shown that mindful meditation is directly associated to the reduction of stress. It help develop a less stress feeling. Various experiment also shows that individuals with very high anxiety disorder shows a tremendous improvement when they were made to go through a mindfulness meditation.
It reduces depression

The combination of cognitive therapy techniques and mindfulness meditation has proven to be a powerful tool for reducing depression. Apart from just reducing depression, studies have shown that it reduces depression by reducing the negative thoughts that reflects on ones faults.

It boosts the immune system

Mindfulness meditation has shown itself to be an effective key to enhancing the vitality of the immune system by increasing the production of antibody. Antibodies are proteins in the produced by the immune system to destroy virus.

Mindfulness meditation on the beach

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to be very effective and it can even be more effective when carried out at the beach. The practice of this reflective mediation on the beach harmonises meditation with nature. The various beach sounds, noise produced by people, wave and objects around are the driving factor into a relax mind thereby providing a healthy mind and body. The sound of waves as it crashes on the shore, the sound of gulls and the feeling of sands in your leg and toes will help produce an effective experience and a productive meditation and at the same time giving you something to be thankful for in nature.

Effectiveness of mindfulness meditation on the beach

Mindfulness Meditation on the beach will provides relaxation and effectiveness far better in enhancing the mind, reducing stress and depression than carrying out your mindfulness meditation in your house. Meditating on the breach will help you avoid the unnecessary distractions from your family members. But for you who are always busy and cannot find enough time to go to the beach in other to observe your meditation time, you do not need to worry or feel like you are missing anymore, all you need is the sound generator app. With the app, you will get the beach sound and the necessary noise that will give you a feeling of being in the beach which is required for a successful and an effective mindfulness meditation.