10 tips for your comfortable sleep.


Reconciling sleep is something that we all want to do especially during the exam period. Sleeping calm sounds like mission almost impossible when responsibilities are many and there are more exams than days of the week. But still, it does not hurt to try.
Sleeping is something that everyone should do. From a small baby to a university student, everyone should sleep a certain amount of time so they can rest. Recharging energy is necessary especially when you have many things to do during the day.

However, so many responsibilities and concerns make falling asleep difficult. Therefore, there are many ways that can help us and one of them is Sleeping Mermaid. In case it is the first time you hear about this, you are in the right place as we will help you to know more.
Sleeping Mermaid is an application that is installed on your Smartphone and is responsible for helping you to relax so you can more easily reconcile sleep. The way he does it is through several methods based on frequencies of relaxing sounds. The idea is to create a space full of good vibes that make you sleep peacefully.
In this way, now we will give you 10 tips that, combined with Sleeping Mermaid, will make you feel better.

1. Do physical activities during the day

Experts hold the theory that there are students who do not fall asleep because they are not completely tired. That is to say, his fatigue is more than all mental and not physical. Obviously, we are not saying that mental fatigue feels less stressful than the other. It's just that the body as such does not feel that typical tiredness that causes you to sleep instantly.
On the contrary, your mind is active and even when you need a break, you will always be thinking about what you need to do or methods to get better at the next exam. Therefore, you can try doing an exercise routine at some time of the day. It does not matter if it lasts only 40 minutes, the important thing is that you do it.
In this way, your body will feel a little more tired, but happy at the same time and ready to continue studying. But, when it is time to sleep, you will be willing to have a real moment of rest.


2. Do a routine before going to sleep

A student who is in final exams is in the middle of many activities to do. That's why, when he goes to sleep, he only feels that he's wasting valuable time that he could use while studying or doing some task.
Therefore, a way to tell your brain that it is going to be time to rest is through a routine. As you get closer to bedtime, you can tell your brain that it is time to rest with certain activities you do every day. That way, you'll usually get to sleep right after doing all those activities. The trick is to be constant.


3. Eat healthily

It does not matter how busy or stressed you are. You should always eat healthily and not skip meals. This is vital to maintaining the reserve of energy throughout your body and for you to be healthy. Also, eat well make you lead a better life and therefore also want to rest.
During the night try to consume foods that are light and that you can digest quickly. In addition, taking one or the other to help you sleep really works in this dream search.


4. Relax and let go of worries

When it's time to sleep, that's it. The time to sleep. You must put aside that habit of starting to think in a thousand and one things that what they do is stress you even more. So respect your own sleep time and focus on just sleeping.
If you want to think about something that is in your happy place or a memory that you like. Only things that relax you. For the rest, forget about everything since it is time to relax and rest.


5. Organize the next day

If you are a little anxious and the stress of not knowing what to do the next day kills you inside, we recommend you to organize your next day a little before going to sleep. Make a list of pending and prioritize what tasks you will perform the next day. Write them down and leave them on your bedside table so that when you wake up you see it and you are calmer.
Similarly, try to get an organizer where you carry all your activities. Knowing that your life has a certain order helps you sleep more peacefully at night.


6. Take tea

This tip is one of the most wonderful that exist. Drinking tea before going to sleep is very effective to be able to sleep. You can do it about 30 minutes before going to bed and you'll see how all your sleeping problems disappear.
You can try a chamomile tea and you will surely fall asleep like a baby. There is also a tea that is based on different natural herbs so you can sleep. You can buy them quietly at any herbal store or even a convenience store near your home.


7. Bathing

Yes, as you read it. Before going to sleep you can take a bath and you relax much faster. Bathing gives you a certain sense of calmness and also removes impurities from your body and makes you feel lighter. Also, listening to the water run while you relax makes you calm down and be more prepared to sleep.
Try to bathe using some bath salts or a good soap that leaves a nice scent. This way you will feel in a nice field of roses and sleep will be more pleasant. Several executives are accustomed to this practice and it has worked to calm them down. So try it especially during the exam period. So you sleep longer and you feel in heaven.


8. Meditate

Perhaps in the past meditating was something exclusive to monks and mere mortals were not able to do so. But now, in the present, we can all meditate and more with Sleeping Mermaid App. It is very easy to do it and thus sleeps is much more comfortable. You can try it just before sleeping or at some time of the day to help calm your nerves.
Meditating gives you a great advantage over everyone else since it helps you to keep your nerves within your senses. When you meditate, you get in touch with your inner self and you can get the answers to many problems or simply adapt to the situation you live without having much stress.
In this way, meditating needs a high concentration and for that, you have different sounds within Sleeping Mermaid. From sounds of the beach to sea birds songs. Let your imagination fly and you get the dream much easier than you think.

9. White sounds

A new way to fall asleep is with white sounds. These sounds contain several frequencies and help to cover the background sound that can come to function as a cause of stress. Sleeping Mermaid App is based on this method to offer its users a good catalog of sounds that help them sleep.
The white sounds help to minimize the annoying noise from outside and are very simple so they give some sense of tranquility. Try to always include them in the sounds you are going to listen to as they really help you.


10. Listen to the sounds of nature

As for the last tip, we have the sounds of nature. When you go to sleep, you can put your headphones or connect your phone to a bugler to play the sounds that Sleeping Mermaid has for you. It is a matter of choosing the sound you like the most and of the rest, you only give free rein to your moment of relaxation.
If you are during exam period, Sleeping Mermaid will not only be useful during the time you go to sleep but also when you want to have a break within the study sessions. The sounds that Sleeping Mermaid offers you are based on nature and everyone is able to relax and help you meditate.


We recommend you try the Sleeping Mermaid sounds that are related to water. One of the favorites is one in which water sounds just like when you are close to a wave and it feels like you could surf. But, there are also sounds of the waves of the sea and even of small drops that fall into the beach. All you have to do is choose which sound you like the most.
Now that you have all these tips you are ready to sleep better during the exam period without compromising your grades. Try any of these tips and you will see how everything improves and also how you rest better.