Why does the sound of the sea calm you?


As we all know that since ancient times there have been transformational and healing relationships between water and man. We all know the important role played by our daily bath in our health and lifestyle. Life without water is nothing and the Oceans happen to be the water sink.

At the end of this article, we will understand why the sound of the ocean helps in meditation, to cure insomnia, and also calms the mind.

To start with, do you know that the sound made by the rolling Ocean wave and the low rumble sound of the thunderstorm coming from the Ocean can ease information overload, and can even make you fall asleep?

The answer is yes. The reason why the sound of ocean has these effect on you is because the soothing sound from the Ocean sounds as non-threat to the brain (the brain interprets the sound as non-threat) so therefore it keeps one in a relaxed and balanced mode.


Research and studies have shown that when we hear the soothing sound from the ocean, other alarming noise would be blocked.

Just like the way the shrill sound can make you wake up from your sleep. The soothing sound from the ocean can calm you and make you meditate especially if you’re the busy type.

Different people have different believe about the Ocean but the conclusion drawn out is that the sound from the Ocean is just an antidote to problems you may be facing as it will calm you and make you rest better after your daily busy activities.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, water and its sound is a major factor in balancing the body and creating physical Harmony.


Today, quite a large number of us go to the beaches for vacation; we participate in water sports like swimming, surfing, diving, sailing etc. All this sports are accompanied with sounds, they are not just accompanied with sounds, and the sound from the ocean also motivates the participants.

Many wonder why people still participate in the sport or exercise. This is because of the sound and the benefit from it. Exercise is simply anything we do in order to be strong healthy and feel happy. Only a calm person can be happy.

Another crème reason why the sound of the ocean calms us is because of our affinity to water and the blue color. Most people across the globe see blue color as their favorite color and have therefore attached a calming attribute to calmness, openness, and depth of wisdom.


Also, why the sound of ocean has a calmy effect on us is because we have hardwired our brain to react positively to water and the sound of the ocean and that being near the ocean, the sound from it can calm us and make the mind feel at ease. We didn’t only hardwired our brain to the fact that the sound from the ocean can only calm us, we also believed it can increase ones innovation and site, it can also heal what we believe to has broken.

The sound from the ocean gives our brains a rest thus curing insomnia.

On a daily basis, we have been packed with a lot of stimuli from our devices, our work place, schools, our busy homes, and the noise from the street which only makes us to suffer from information overload. What the brain needs here is a downtime to calm itself down but we hardly do that, the sound of the waves resembles the sound in the womb so being around water or an ocean will make the brain settle down, and mind to feel secure by the memory of the past to trigger a sense of rest and overstimulation.


The sound we receive from around us is simplified, if we look at it from an auditory perspective, simply the sound is not quiet but the sound from the ocean is far simpler than the sound from other sources.

Listening to ocean sounds which is ultrasonic can help trigger that brainwave that is needed for meditation, which is generally beneficial for the body as it can helps to limit stress, depression and control anxiety.

Additionally, another reason why the sound from the ocean calms us is because when we are near, close or on the ocean, we always have a cognitive break because we have little or no information coming in, so therefore our brains works in a different way but it does not shut down, Hereby leaving us in a calm state.

Whenever we are close or beside the ocean, we always try to observe everything around us, we pay attention to the sounds coming from the ocean and without knowing, we are placing ourselves in a state of mild attentiveness. At this point, the brain is usually engrossed with the water sound and lead to soft fascination.


Directly or indirectly we are always in a mindful state with the ocean sound. Being in a mindful state makes the brain Calm, relaxed and focused. Thereby making meditation easier, cure insomnia and helps to improve concentration and reduce stress of the mind resulting from supply of too much information (information overload).