Sleeping Mermaid; The Solution to your Sleeplessness


Sometimes, getting a really good sleep proves to be impossible; this is even harder when you are very sensitive to the sounds around you, having a cool atmosphere to relax can be nearly impossible in this ever noisy atmosphere that we live in, a modern society where the radios, TVs, car horns and even the crowd are constantly constituting a noise pollution that goes against everything you need to rest, without a doubt, you need help you need something to increase your chance of relaxing and get your strength back again, you need the sleeping mermaid.

The Sleeping Mermaid

This s a natural sea sound smartphone application that was specifically created to help ensure you get a good sleep and a perfect relaxation by providing you with cool and relaxing ocean sounds. The concept behind the sleeping mermaid is to serve as a link between you and nature by providing you with nature’s sounds. No one will argue how wonderful the sound of oceans and saves are, these sounds have a way of giving a relaxing feeling when you listen to them, no wonder people love to go to the beach. When you listen to this sounds, you will not only feel happy but you will also find peace. Not only is this app for the lovers of nature but also for everyone who wants piece and calmness while sleeping.

Life and the ocean

All scientific proves of evolution proves that life emanates from the ocean and that we are all descendants of the sea, even though we have evolved into what we are today, humans. Because of the society finds ourselves in, where the tremendous amount of stress and responsibilities makes it almost impossible for us to remember our source. This app is a living proof that we can still draw strength from the ocean. Whenever you are tired and both your mind and body needs relaxing, the ocean waves sound in this app will help you relax and sleep well.


Purpose of the app

The sleeping mermaid is designed and packed full with soothing sleep sounds from the sea and ocean to help you relax your mind. The sounds of the oceans and seas are known to have a nostalgia effect that will help you have a quiet and comfortable time in the midst of the noisiness that surrounds us. Here are the other benefits you stand to enjoy from this app.

• It helps you relax from stress
• It can cure migraine
• It relaxes tinnitus
• It help relax both the body and the mind
• Helps in anger management
• Help reduce depression
• Aids meditation

The Features of the app

• A unique sound generator app with over 10 sounds for you to choose from
• A dreamy and beautifully designed user interface
• It is a simple and easy to use app
• It has a timer that let you set time for it to stop playing
• It makes it possible for you to play multiple sound at once making it possible for you to create a rhythm and a soundtrack you like
• It is free

How to use sleeping mermaid


Just like all other app made by is most certainly the easiest to use. Each of the sounds can be played, you can also combine as many sounds as you like to give you your desired rhythm. The “all off button” makes it possible for you to stop all playing sounds. There is also a timer slider that allows you set the time for the app to stop playing. The each sound has an “i” button in front of every sound to tell you about the sound.

The possibilities of this sound app spreads beyond your imagination. By simultaneously playing multiple sounds with this app or combining the sounds of sea birds and the sound of the sea or combining that of the shipwreck with that of the underwater, you will feel like you are in a beach resort.

With this app, you can feel like drinking coffee in a forest cottage even if you are in a cheap café, you will also have the feeling of staying in a spacious resort even if you are living in thin walls apartments.


With this app, you don't have to wondering or looking for a way to get a goodnight sleep, relax your mind and listen to the relaxing sea sounds on the sleeping mermaid.
Join the thousands of users who are already enjoying it. Please note that this app is a free app and we don't generate any income from it except the ones we get from ads, you can appreciate our efforts by clicking the adds.